Codona Family History

This is my initial post and a little introduction as to what I’d like to achieve with this blog. I’ve thought long and hard with regards to writing a book about my family and found that I just don’t have the time, so, I persuaded myself that a series of blogs would suffice in the meantime. It’s fair to say that the story of the Codona family is, for lack of a better word, interesting – I would have popped in an ‘lol’ at this point but this isn’t Facebook.

Where to begin… early family history or a little more up to date, circus or fairground, fortune or mis-fortune, DNA or spitting into the wind? There are many aspects to this story and to present it as a coherent history is a little bit of a challenge but one I’m not afraid to take on given the sheer weight of research I have personally conducted over the past eight years. I will attempt to stick to the facts, however a little conjecture may be applied and I’ll let you all know when it is.

So, I’ll leave it at that until I decide where to begin with this fabulous story.

See you all in a little while!


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